About Our Partners

We work with leading firms such as Platinum Performance Partners to ensure our clients get exactly what they need, with the right contract vehicle.

About Our Name

The name Silver Bear Group reflects both our value proposition and our founder's heritage. In Native American cultures, silver represents great value. The bear is a powerful symbol of strength, leadership, steadiness, and pragmatism--all of which we demonstrate as we produce real value for our clients. 

Dr. Karen McGraw

Years of experience: 30+

Role: President and Principal Consultant

Expertise: Karen is a trusted advisor, business consultant, and published author with practical expertise in organizational and leadership development, human performance improvement (HPI), change management, research & analysis, personality type assessment, and user-centered requirements.
​For more information, check out her bio.

Developing & Retaining Talent

Developing and retaining skilled employees and leaders doesn't need to be difficult. We'll simplify the process to ensure you have the right skills and knowledge on board to deliver results.  View our training workshops.      

Solving Management Challenges

Running a successful organization isn't easy. Our business consultants can help you analyze, identify, and solve common management challenges including productivity, leadership, processes, and change.

Client-Centered Approach

Unlike firms that offer cookie-cutter solutions, we apply our expertise in cognitive science and human performance to analyze, design, develop, and deliver the right solutions to help you close performance gaps and attain target results.          

Silver Bear Group Management

  • As independent experts with over 30 years experience, we bring an unbiased perspective and practical advice.
  • We focus on your most pressing challenges to close critical performance gaps
  • We collaborate with you to tailor solutions to your organization.
  • We use Performance DNA, EASE, and other high-impact methodologies to bring best practices to our clients.
  • As a certified Women's Business Enterprise, an SBA WOSB, and a Native American-owned business, we improve your results and diversity. View our certifications here.
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Silver Bear Group's Mission

Our mission is to improve organizational effectiveness and eliminate barriers to peak performance, enabling individuals, teams and organizations to deliver better results. We do this by providing proven business consulting and performance improvement solutions. 

Our Advantages

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