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EASE Organizational Change Management Toolkit

For clients who already grasp the importance of change management and have the people to manage projects internally, the EASE Organizational Change Management Toolkit provides you with the tools and templates you need to initiate important conversations and manage change projects. We offer the EASE certification workshop (Managing and Implementing Change in a Dynamic Workplace) to equip your team to lead change. Our business management consultants also can guide you through the creation of your change management strategy and plan, and then coach your change team through a project.

About EASE

Dr. McGraw developed the EASE Organizational Change Management Toolkitin 2005 and made major updates to it in 2011 and 2017. Today, it is used it in both government and commercial environments. The newest version of the model and toolkit (EASE 2.0) represents an extensive upgrade offering more tools and techniques for assessing readiness and managing change.  EASE is a practical, 4-phase organizational change management methodology based on proven, research-based change methods. The name EASE is an acronym for the phases within the methodology:

                         1-ENVISION        2- ASSESS & PLAN          3-SUPPORT          4-ENSURE & IMPROVE

The purpose of the EASE Organizational Change Management Toolkit is to align executive leadership and build commitment, communicate effectively, manage change, and enable the organization to adopt and use new processes, systems, and applications. EASE uses a 4-pronged strategy for organizational change management, addressing: Leadership, Communications, Peer Teams/Network, and Training and Documentation.

A sampling of change management activities and templates in the newest version of EASE include:

  • Facilitate, graph and document the "to be" vision and rationale for the change
  • Assess your organization's readiness for the change
  • Determine the fundamental nature and impact of the change
  • Assess the opportunity and risks related to the change initiative
  • Develop a Change Roadmap
  • Develop a usable Change Management Plan and Communications Plan
  • Establish and train a Peer Team/Network to support the transition
  • Implement reporting and issue/action tracking
  • Develop evaluation/measurement plan and track results against desired state
  • Develop and implement continual improvement

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