Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

Ready to take the next step toward organizational effectiveness to achieve better results faster? Contact us for more details about our organizational effectiveness consulting services and coaching!

Improve organizational effectiveness through performance improvement consulting, targeted solutions, and coaching that delivers the results you need.

At Silver Bear Group we use our expertise about how people think, work and learn to improve productivity and results. We can implement solutions to close a known gap and analyze the gap between the desired and current state to find the best solutions to close it. Or, we can coach you as you complete a human performance improvement (HPI) project. Examples of organizational effectiveness services include:

  • HPI analysis of organizational performance (using the Performance DNA methodology) to identify barriers to peak performance and leverage top performer successes
  • Identification, design, and implementation of the most appropriate solutions to close performance gaps 
  • Leadership self-awareness and team building using the Golden Personality Type Profiler
  • Elicitation, capture, and organization of user-centered business requirements using our Scenario-Based engineering process
  • Business process analysis and improvement
  • Change management coaching and mentoring using our EASE organizational change toolkit
  • Change readiness assessment and creation of change charters and steering committees