Key Features

  • Based on Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Type
  • ​​​Uses a 7-point rating scale to capture ranges of behavior and 125 behavior-oriented questions to reveal personality preference​
  • Uses 4 global scales to generate a personality type, plus a fifth scale to measure stress (Tense-Calm)
  • Provides numeric details on 16 facets
  • Works well for all levels and types of employees
  • Requires approximately 20-25 minutes to complete online
  • Produces a personalized report including numerical and visual presentation of the individual's scores on each dimension, a personality type profile, and an extensive narrative reports

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Silver Bear Group Personality Type Assessments

Using the Golden Personality Type Profiler

​“Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.” — Mae West

The Golden Personality Type Profiler (Golden) enables organizations to improve the self-awareness of leaders, managers, and work teams. Helping individuals understand the impact of their natural personality preferences on how they communicate, make decisions, work with others, learn, and handle stress is essential for ongoing effectiveness.

Silver Bear Group uses certified, qualified specialists to administer and interpret personality type assessments for members of your staff. We then conduct a workshop, during which we explain the concept of personality types, deliver the reports to each individual, walk through the report results with the group, and facilitate active use of the results to improve individual and team effectiveness.

The Golden Personality Assessment Instrument and Report

The Golden is an assessment instrument based on Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Type. It uses a 7-point rating scale to capture ranges of behavior and 125 behavior-oriented questions to reveal personality preference. The Golden works well for all types and levels of employees. Completion of the Golden requires 20-25 minutes. The participant completes and electronically submits the assessment, a report is produced, and the participant is assigned a 4-letter type. Contents of the report include:

  • Introduction to Personality Modeling
  • Portrait of Your Type
  • Summary of Global Results
  • Map of Sixteen Types 
  • Strengths of Your Type
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Motivation and Learning
  • A Deeper Look at the 5 Dimensions
  • Response to Daily Stressors

Delivering the Workshop

The workshop may be delivered in person (most effective for groups) or via webinar (most effective for individuals). The purpose of the workshop or webinar is for participants to learn about themselves, strengthening their self-awareness. The objective is for participants to leave with hands-on, practical knowledge about how they process information, make decisions, communicate with others, work with their team members, and avoiding blind spots.

Standards of Use of Personality Type Assessments

Silver Bear Group personnel adhere to the established ethical standards of the Association for Personality Type International.