Project & Program Management

Once we've worked with you to identify the solutions to close the performance gap, ensure they are implemented and managed for best results.

Silver Bear Group's project and program management consulting, coaching, support, and tools improve project success and the business impact of your solutions. We also enable you to have more transparency in your projects, schedule, performance, and cost. Our services include:

  • Lead, guide and deliver your organization's critical HPI project initiatives
  • Consulting services to build and improve your organization's project management capabilities
  • Creation of PMO tools, processes, and reports -- including utilizing SharePoint
  • Audit, analysis, and implementation of project processes
  • Implementation of collaborative tools such as SharePoint to improve the way your team works together
  • SharePoint consulting to improve alignment of tools with your organization's processes and job functions
  • Tool and template development
  • Training courses and professional development to strengthen your workforce
Ready to take the next step toward improved project success for your organization? Contact us for more details about our project and program management services!