Silver Bear Group Testimonials

​The following Silver Bear Group testimonials represent testimonial examples directly from clients across several industries. They illustrate some of the many advantages of working with us.

​"I know that they will tell me the truth. They don't always tell me what I want to hear, but I have learned to trust their findings and their advice."  -- a business consulting client in the logistics industry


"The program Dr. McGraw developed for us has saved us $1M and produced leader satisfaction ratings of 4.8-4.9 on a 5-point scale." -- a performance improvement client in the high-tech industry

"I have worked with other firms who pulled up the 'school bus' and unloaded a team of new grads who learned at my expense. I really value the years of experience and know-how that Karen and her team bring, and their willingness to share it with me." -- a business consulting client in the pharmaceutical industry


"I have contracted with many consultants to design leadership development programs. Some design the generic program they want, based on components and modules they already have. Karen's team did a great job of designing a program that addressed the issues an analysis showed that we had. The result--a program to help our leaders avoid derailment and be successful in our culture."--a performance improvement client in the professional services industry


"I love it when there is a real science behind the art of leadership development."--a performance improvement client in the technology industry

"The analysis they conducted was very powerful. The recommended solutions not only were carefully defined to close our performance gaps, but they also were prioritized and aligned with our strategic plan. This made 'next steps' very easy to determine. --a business consulting client in government

"Karen facilitated our Talent Forum yesterday and she really delivered the goods! By the end of the day we had made some great strides together. What a pro!"--a business consulting client in manufacturing

"Thank you for facilitating our training session and sharing your insights and techniques for successful Human Performance Improvement. The feedback from my team was extremely positive, and we look forward to working with you again in the future! -- a training client in the oil and gas industry

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