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Create organizational impact and produce desired business results through outcome-based training, e-Learning, team workshops, and coaching.
Get the knowledge and expertise you need, in the format that works best for you. We offer the following training and coaching services: 

  • Performance improvement coaching and mentoring to get your internal human performance improvement (HPI) program underway
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Design and development of e-Learning and traditional learning programs
  • Conversion of your traditional training and PowerPoint files to e-Learning and online learning packages to improve learning outcomes and efficiency
  • Leadership program design and development
  • Certificate-based training workshops and seminars, which can be delivered at your site

Certificate-based Training Workshops and Seminars

All of our workshops can be delivered at your site:

  1. Strategic Decision Making for Leaders
  2. Improving Organizational Performance for Leaders
  3. Developing Effective Communications and Team Leadership Skills
  4. Assessing Change Readiness
  5. Analyzing Human Performance to Get the Most from your Team
  6. How to Develop Better Training and Job Aids
  7. How to Interview for Accuracy on Human Performance Improvement Projects
  8. Managing and Implementing Change in a Dynamic Workplace

Online Training Courses

We offer some of our courses as online training sessions. Contact us for information about convenient online training in the following courses:

  1. Designing Performance-Based Job Aids
  2. Introduction to Human Performance Improvement
  3. Introduction to Change Management
  4. Introduction to Project Management
  5. Communicating for Results
  6. Interpretation of the Golden Personality Type Profile Assessment for Leadership Development & Coaching

Training & Coaching