Training and Coaching

Silver Bear Group creates organizational impact through learning. Get the knowledge and expertise you need, in the format that works best for you. We offer the following training and coaching services: 

  • Conversion of your face-to-face learning and PowerPoint files to eLearning and online learning to improve learning outcomes and efficiency
  • Coaching and mentoring that are performance-based
  • Certificate-based training workshops.

Our workshops can be delivered at your site and include the following:

  1. Strategic Decision Making for Leaders
  2. Improving Organizational Performance for Leaders
  3. Developing Effective Communications and Team Leadership Skills
  4. Assessing Change Readiness
  5. Analyzing Human Performance to Get the Most from your Team
  6. How to Develop Better Training and Job Aids
  7. How to Interview for Accuracy on Human Performance Improvement Projects
  8. Managing and Implementing Change in a Dynamic Workplace

Our Most Popular Workshops

Analyzing Human Performance to Get the Most from your Team

This 3-day onsite certification workshop teaches you how to use the Performance DNA methodology to analyze exemplary performers in a job role and identify high-value performance improvement opportunities in your team or organization. It includes an introduction to key Human Performance Improvement (HPI) terms and concepts, interactive small group activities to learn how to apply Performance DNA to a real performance problem, and tips to overcome challenges to using this kind of tool in your organization. Each attendee receives a full set of Performance DNA tools and job aids, with detailed instructions for using this flexible tool set. This course is facilitated by a leading HPI expert who is also the developer of the Performance DNA methodology and tools.


  • Analyze human performance using the Performance DNA methodology and toolset
  • Develop a project definition to guide a successful HPI project 
  • Identify key performers for interviews and observations
  • Conduct effective interviews and observations with key performers and managers to identify important outcomes, key work processes, and influences on performance
  • Consolidate data, select the right solutions, and report out findings

 Price: $795 per person

Contact us for more information about this workshop, or about details for delivering this course at your site.

Managing and Implementing Change in a Dynamic Workplace

This 3-day certification workshop prepares you to assess readiness and lead change in your workplace. During the workshop you will explore why change is difficult, identify the keys to successful change, and learn to apply the EASE 2.0 Change Management methodology in your organization. Working in small teams, you will investigate a case study that will guide you through the change process and enable you to avoid common pitfalls as you plan, manage, and implement successful change.  Each participant receives a complete set of templates and tools for implementing the EASE 2.0 Change Management methodology. This course is facilitated by a leading HPI expert who has extensive experience with implementing solutions from training to technology, and managing change to ensure that they produce the intended value.


  • Analyze the type, effect, and impact of change and lead a session to envision the future/desired state 
  • Develop a change vision and workforce benefit elevator speech
  • Assess an organization's readiness for change and your sponsor's level of support 
  • Identify stakeholders and their current levels of support, get buy-in, and plan to maintain support
  • Develop an organizational change management plan and a communication plan
  • Implement organizational change management and communication plans, as well as issue tracking, action tracking, and reporting processes
  • Deploy and manage change teams to support the organization
  • Prepare the workforce for the change, provide ongoing communication and feedback, and respond to workforce reactions
  • Assess and measure results against the change vision, determine needed revisions, and communicate success stories

Price: $795 per person

Contact us for more information about this workshop, or about other details for delivering this course at your site.

Online Training Courses

We offer some of our courses as online training sessions. Contact us for information about convenient online training in the following courses:

  • Designing Performance-Based Job Aids
  • Introduction to Human Performance Improvement
  • Introduction to Change Management
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Communicating for Results
  • Interpretation of the Golden Personality Type Profile Assessment for Leadership Development & Coaching

Ready to improve your organizational talent? Contact us today for more information about bringing any of these training workshops to your workplace!